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Balochi music

Balochi music (or Baluchi music) refers to music performed by the Baloch people in Sistan and Baluchestan Province an eastern province in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Balochistan, a western province in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, southern Oman, some parts of Afghanistan and Middle East. Baluchi music is very rich and played with varieties of traditional instruments. Baluchi music is traditionally sung in both Baluchi and in Brahui. [youtube mKquBKa_RVI]

The Baluchi music derives from its roots in ancient Persian music. Due to their demographics and strong cultural values, the Baluch people have been able to keep the their rich traditional heritage alive. The art of playing double flute is traditional to Baluch and can be seen in many parts of present-day Baluch geography.


Folk music has always played a great role in Baluchi traditions. The Baluchi music and instruments belong to the same branch of Persc from prevailing further in the 21st century. However, a Swedish folk band Golbang has made achievements in introducing Baluchi folk music in the western world.

Major instruments

The instruments used in Baluchi music can also be found throughout modern day Kurdistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The most commonly used instruments in Baluchi folk music are Tanbur, long-necked lutes. Lutes have been present in Mesopotamia since the Akkadian era, or the third millennium BCE. Dohol a large cylindrical drum with two skin heads, it is the principal accompaniment for the Surna an ancient Iranian woodwind instrument that dates back to the Achaemenid Dynasty (550-330 BCE). Ney which is also commonly played with using single or double flutes. Suroz, a Baluchi folk violin is also commonly played. Other Baluchi musical instruments include: Tar, Saz, and others.

Traditional Baluch dances

Dances performed by Baluch people:


An ancient Persian dance mostly performed by forming a circle by a group of people, dancing and clapping. Do-Chapi almost always includes Surna and Dohol.


Lewa is also a Baluchi dance performed mostly by a group of people in a circle with hand movements. Lewa almost always includes a Surna and Dohol.

Baluchi music composers and performers

  • Mureed Bulaedi
  • Faiz muhammad (Faizok)
  • Mulla Musa
  • Mulla Ghulam qader
  • Qadir Bakhsh (Qadok)
  • Mulla Mazar
  • Amina Tuti
  • Noor Khan Bizenjo
  • Noor Mohammad Noral
  • Arif Baloch
  • Akhtar Channal Zehri
  • Ali Reza Askani
  • Asim Baloch
  • Qasim Gazichi
  • Bakshi Baloch
  • Saeed Borhanzahi
  • Shah Jaan Dawoodi
  • Noor Mohammad Nooral

Listen Balochi Music Performers

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